Auto-Injectors Market to Grow due to Rising Prevalence of Anaphylaxis

These days, people are becoming more and more inclined toward home healthcare, especially elderly people. Home healthcare allows one to get better in a more comfortable and convenient way. The need for revisiting hospitals frequently for treatment is reduced significantly, and the patient is able to improve or maintain his/her condition in a more independent way. Attributed to these reasons, manufacturers across the globe are increasingly focusing on developing medical equipment which is patient-compliant and user-friendly. Moreover, due to the enhancing medical services at the bed side, the point-of-care medication administration is also increasing.

Auto-Injectors Market

One of the major developments in this scenario is that of auto-injectors, which are pen-like medical devices utilized for injecting a specific dose of drugs into the patient. These spring-loaded syringes are especially designed for the safe administration of drugs with ease. Auto-injectors further aid in reducing medication errors and increasing safety. It is due to these advantages of auto-injectors over traditional devices that the auto-injectors market is expected to register a significant growth in the coming years. Prefilled and fillable are two types of auto-injectors, which are available in the market currently; between these, prefilled auto-injectors were more in demand in the past.

Geographically, North America has emerged as the largest auto-injectors market, which is ascribed to the rising cases of diabetes, growing production of biologics, and surging geriatric population. The adoption of auto-injectors is growing rapidly in Europe as well, owing to the rising awareness regarding needle-stick injuries, increasing cases of anaphylaxis, and growing healthcare expenditure in the region. The emerging countries, including India and China, are also predicted to increasingly adopt auto-injectors in the near future, because of the rising healthcare awareness.

Hence, the need for auto-injectors is rising because of the increasing prevalence of anaphylaxis and preference for home healthcare.

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