Rising Plastic Surgery Incidence To Augment Surgical Glue Demand In Future

Surgical glue refers to a synthetic or biological material used after traumatic injuries and surgeries for preventing liquid or air leakage in wounds. It is a special kind of medical sealant or adhesive that facilitates closing and healing of wounds and are capable of replacing staples and sutures in healing incisions and minor cuts. At present, the increasing incidence of plastic surgeries is creating a huge requirement for surgical glue worldwide. As per the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), 1,795,551 breast augmentation, 1,704,786 liposuction, 1,259,839 eyelid surgery, 924,031 abdominoplasty, and 821,890 rhinoplasty procedures were performed in 2019.

Moreover, the booming geriatric population will fuel the surgical glue market at a CAGR of 10.6% during the forecast period (2018–2023). The market revenue stood at $3,810.5 million in 2017 and it is expected to reach $6,936.5 million by 2023. The World Population Ageing 2020 report estimates that the population of people aged 65 years and above will surge from 727 million in 2020 to 1.5 billion by 2050. Elderly people are highly susceptible to cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), and neurological disorders, which require surgeries to close incisions.

Additionally, the growing health awareness and rising incidence of chronic illnesses, such as respiratory diseases, cancer, skin diseases, and heart diseases will also boost the consumption of these surgical adhesives, due to the surging possibilities of surgeries in several countries. For example, the European Union (EU) states that caesarean section (C-sec) and cataract surgeries were the most performed procedures in EU-27 in 2018. In 2018, at least 1.16 million caesarean section surgeries were performed in the member nations.

The application segment of the surgical glue market is classified into cardiac surgery, pulmonary surgery, orthopedic surgery, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, general surgery, neurosurgery, burn bleeding, wound management, liver and spleen lacerations, and others such as gynecological surgery, eye surgery, and urological surgery. Among these, the cardiac surgery category accounted for the largest market share during the historical period (2013–2017), it is expected to witness the fastest growth throughout the forecast period, due to the growing prevalence of cardiac diseases. According to the WHO, nearly 17.9 million deaths were caused due to CVDs in 2019.

Whereas, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) surgical glue market is expected to witness the fastest growth during the forecast period, due to the booming geriatric population, the surging incidence of burn and road accident cases, and mounting per capita income of the people in the region. For instance, according to the 2019 Road Accident Report published by the Indian Government’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, 449,002 road accident cases were recorded in India, in 2019. These accidents resulted in 451,361 injuries and 151,113 deaths. Furthermore, around 7 million people are affected by burn injuries in India, each year, as per the Indian Government’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Thus, the rising incidence of plastic surgeries, burgeoning aging population, and soaring cases of chronic diseases will augment the usage of surgical glues in the forthcoming years.

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