Radiation Dose Management Market to Register Growth because of Rising Awareness Regarding Radiation Exposure

The utilization of procedures such as radiography & mammography, nuclear medicine, fluoroscopy & interventional imaging, and computer tomography has become quite importance and common in hospitals and other medical centers. CT procedures are easy to use and have ability to efficiently visualize bowel and other deeper fluid collections. Such benefits have made these medical devices indispensable, to a large extent, for the healthcare industry. But the fact remains that despite having several benefits, these devices also expose patients to a large amount of radiation. Exposure to high radiation doses, even over a short span of time, can lead to radiation sickness and at times can cause life-threatening diseases including cancer.

Bleeding, nausea, mouth & skin sores, hair loss, confusion & diarrhoea, vomiting, and fainting are some of the symptoms of radiation sickness. As the awareness regarding radiation exposure is increasing among healthcare professionals and general public, the demand for radiation dose management is growing rapidly. Owing to these factors, the global radiation dose management market is predicted to advance at a considerable pace in the near future. Both solutions, including standalone and integrated, and services, including training & education, implementation & integration, consulting, and support & maintenance, are offered under RDM.

Between these two, the demand for RDM solutions was higher in the past, which is because of the fact that these solutions allow healthcare professionals to evaluate and track the radiations that are emitted from various diagnostic devices. Among the different RDM services, the demand for implementation and integration services has been the highest due to the importance of installations of solutions and their integration with other systems in medical settings. All these solutions and services are offered for different modalities, including radiography & mammography, CT, fluoroscopy & interventional imaging, and nuclear imaging.

Hence, the demand for radiation dose management is growing due to the rising number CT procedures and increasing awareness regarding radiation exposure.

Read more: https://www.psmarketresearch.com/market-analysis/radiation-dose-management-market

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