How is Growing Chronic Disease Burden Aiding in Embolotherapy Market Growth?

Irrespective of the economic standing of the countries, the growing burden of chronic diseases has become a major cause of worry for governments across the globe. Changing lifestyle and degrading quality of the environment has resulted in the increased prevalence of chronic diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, hepatitis, and disorders of the nervous system. The World Health Organization reported that in 2018, about 9.6 million deaths occurred due to cancer, globally. In another study, conducted by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, in the 2006–2015 period, an approximate annual increase of 3% in liver cancer cases was observed in the US.

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The deliberate occlusion of vessels with the help of different embolic agents, such as glue, balloons, and coils is referred to as embolization. Embolotherapy is carried out for various purposes, such as devascularization of organs, bleeding control, reduction of tumors, and elimination of vascular malformations. This is performed while treating numerous conditions, such as gastrointestinal disorders, urological & nephrological disorders, neurological disorders, peripheral vascular diseases, and cancer. During 2014–2018, embolotherapy was most extensively used in the treatment of cancer. In the coming future, cancer would continue being the largest application area for embolotherapy. In the forecast period (2019–2024), the embolotherapy market is predicted to register an 8.0% CAGR.

In recent years, many new products have received approvals or have been launched in the embolotherpay market. One such example is of Torpedo, is a product of Merit Medical Systems Inc., which was launched in September 2019. The product is made of a patented gelatin foam that is loaded into a cartridge and delivered to the targeted vasculature via a syringe. The features of the Torpedo foam are that is it is hydrophilic, biocompatible, resorbable, and especially used in the hypervascular tumor emobilization. The availability of such products for patient care is helping them recover faster without compromising the quality of care.

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Various life-threatening conditions, such as arteriovenous malformations, aneurysms, and strokes, are being treated with several embolic agents that are available in the market, such as absorbable gelatin pledgets and powder, stainless steel coils, ethanol, polyvinyl alcohol foam, and glue. Many manufacturers are working for the development of liquid embolic agents that can be used in the treatment of other diseases besides HCC. In October 2018, for their product named the Magic Glue, Balt International Received the CE mark. This product is a next-generation cyanoacrylate liquid embolic agent, which is used in the embolization of arteriovenous malformations.

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