How is Rising Demand for Medication Management Helping Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) Market Grow

Doctors, nurses, pathology labs and pharmacies, are just a few elements of the healthcare industry, which are involved in patient care. Sometimes, depending on the condition of patients, rehabilitation services are also availed.  As many components are involved in caregiving, the need for proper communication among them and the patients is necessary. This would not only help in reducing medication errors, but would also help in providing coordinated care. To achieve this, the demand for healthcare information technologies (HIT) is rising, which include medication management systems and Clinical Decision Support System (DCSS). These technologies help in consolidating patient-related medical information to aid in decision making for creating a suitable treatment plan, including medication, rehabilitation, and care. The advanced application of the HIT system that is providing clinical decision support (CDS) to healthcare professionals by assisting in clinical decision-making tasks for better outcomes.


The clinical decision support system market is witnessing growth and expected to register a CAGR of 21.5% CAGR in the coming years. The software finds application in drug dosing support, clinical guideline, clinical reminder, drug–drug interaction, and drug allergy alert. During 2012–2015, the software was used the most for drug allergy alert applications. Many drugs are known to trigger allergic reactions in some patients, or if they are consumed with some other drugs. These drug-induced allergic reactions may prove to be fatal, and, therefore, drugs should be prescribed with utmost care. CDSS solutions not only help in studying possible drug–drug interactions, but also help in identifying the type of interaction that may initiate an unwanted immune response in the body.

Majority of the electronic medical records (EMR) and computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems have data related to a patient’s allergies. The database has all the information regarding the medication and allergies stored, which generates an alert if a potential drug interaction is detected. These CDSS systems are gaining popularity among healthcare service providers due to their high success rate and immediate query response.

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In developed countries, mainly of Europe and North America, majority of the hospitals and other healthcare facilities are equipped with HIT including the CDSS software. In emerging economies of Latin America, Asia, and Africa, the deployment of the software is still in the nascent form.  With the improving economy of these regions, the healthcare sectors are booming with the construction of more hospitals and pharmacies, which are deploying the CDSS software for providing better healthcare facilities to the residents.

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