Wound Care: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2022

The wound care market is growing due to increasing geriatric population, increase in volume of surgeries and increasing awareness about wound care products. Increasing cases of diabetes leading to pressure ulcer formation is further generating an increased demand for wound care products.

Wound Care Market

The increase in road accidents across the globe is expected to increase the demand for wound care products. The wound formed as a result of accident is exposed to debris, soil, bodily fluids and microbes. In addition, tissue is also lost during road accidents that increases the time to heal the wound. Wound care products are commonly used for cleaning, dressing and preventing a wound from microbial infections. The high cost of wound care products acts as major barrier in the growth of global wound care market.

The high cost of advanced wound care, traditional wound care and wound closure products including foam, bandage, staples, hydrocolloid, film, alginate, hydrogel, and collagen, limits the affordability of the users. As a result, consumption of wound care products decreases despite higher therapeutic efficiency. Thus, this hampers the growth of global wound care market.

The North American wound care market is growing due to increasing geriatric population, increasing road accidents, increasing diabetes and obesity cases, and burn cases. Geriatric population is more susceptible to slow healing of wounds as they have low recovery power, which results in increased utilization of wound dressing.

By Type of Wound Care Products

  • Advanced Wound Care Products
    • Advanced Wound Dressing
      • Foam Dressing
      • Hydrocolloid Dressing
      • Film Dressing
      • Alginate Dressing
      • Hydrogel Dressing
      • Collagen Dressing
      • Others
    • Wound Therapy Devices
      • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Devices
      • Oxygen and Hyperbaric Oxygen Equipment
      • Electrical Stimulation Devices
      • Others
    • Active Wound Care Products
      • Artificial Skin and Skin Substitutes
      • Topical Agents
  • Wound Closure Products
    • Sutures
    • Hemostats
    • Surgical Staples
    • Adhesives and Tissue Sealants
    • Wound Closure Strips
  • Traditional Wound Care Products
    • Bandage
    • Gauze
    • Sponge
    • Abdominal Pad
    • Others

By Type of Wound

  • Chronic Wound
  • Acute Wound

By Application

  • Surgical Wound
  • Ulcer
  • Burn

By End User

  • Inpatient Facilities
  • Outpatient Facilities

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