Laboratory Filtration Market is Expected to Witness the Fastest Growth in Asia-Pacific

Laboratory Filtration Market

Filtration systems are used to separate solids from fluids by adding a medium through which only the fluids can pass, and particles are retained in the filter. The scope of the report also includes the accessories used in the filtration systems such as filter units, membrane filters, and analytical filtration products. Laboratory filtration products finds application in various areas such as drug discovery and development, microbial analysis, virus removal, research laboratories, and water purification treatment plants.

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The laboratory filtration market is expected to grow at a decent pace during the forecast period, according to the research report published by P&S Intelligence. The market is mainly driven by the increasing use of laboratory filtration products in the food and beverage industry, introduction of technologically advanced products, increasing research activities in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, and surge in the adoption of filtration products in clinical laboratories.

Filtration is an important treatment process for removal of pathogenic organisms and prevention of water-borne diseases in the pharmaceutical as well as biopharmaceutical industry. There have been ongoing research activities for the development of drugs that majorly use filtration products, which could combat such water-borne diseases. Parallel microfiltration is a new method that has been invented for better treatments for a number of diseases including cancer. Researchers are also trying to unravel more potential applications of parallel microfiltration, which essentially includes screening molecules that can alter a particular gene and protein levels inside the cells, which would be useful for treating a number of diseases. The filtration products such as filter paper or various filtration assemblies such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration and vacuum filtration are highly reliable and provide precise results. Filtration products are majorly used for separation, purification, particulate or small material removal in laboratory process. Growing demand for biopharmaceutical molecules for various therapeutic applications owing to their easy availability is expected to drive global market for laboratory filtration.

Large capital investment is a major restraint impeding the growth of the laboratory filtration market. Biomass feedstock often contain particles such as fibers, suspended solids, and particulates that often erode purification systems such as ion exchangers, membrane filters, and chromatography units. Initial investments cost coupled with high operating cost for membrane filters and ion exchanger replacement lead to an overall expensive filtration process. Building system requirements for filtration systems in laboratories, such as redundant power and enhanced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems represent significant capital and operational costs. Thus, high investment required for laboratory filtration set up is a factor that impedes the market growth.

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